Atelier Permanent is a social enterprise for design and construction of gardens and landscapes with ecological added value. The street, the square, the playground and the urban garden are our habitat. Public spaces and the vast surface area of private gardens offer huge potential for the creation of sustainable, climate-robust and biodiverse outdoor spaces. Every square metre counts!

We are joining forces with Groot Eiland, leading Brussels social entrepreneur. We are always looking for cross-pollination between garden architecture, nature and city dwellers. Greening and unsealing our environment with a social dimension, that's what we're going for.

We are landscape architects and gardeners, Maxim Lammens and Jef Merckx.  Our expertise covers many areas, including specialisations in flower meadows and scythes, permaculture, historical fruit varieties, edible gardens, unsealing and urban greening,...

Working with Groot Eiland means combining our ecological ambitions with social objectives. Our employees are talented Brussels natives looking for career opportunities. Through an intensive one-year programme, we offer them learning opportunities, practical skills and work experience. Groot Eiland is also a pioneer and trendsetter in Brussels urban agriculture and has a circular woodworking workshop for the realisation of exterior joinery.

Where and for whom?
We offer our services to private and public clients who wish to green an outdoor space. We opt for sustainable travel by bicycle. Our preference is therefore for projects within cycling distance of the city centre.

How does it work?
Via a no-obligation site visit, we look at the possibilities and map out your wishes. We make suggestions, take photos and draw up an offer.

For overall projects, we draw up a design dossier; a future-oriented plan with a fully worked-out proposal in terms of materials and layout and of course with lots of plants! This is followed by a detailed implementation plan for the actual construction. 

We take care of the entire garden construction, from site follow-up to completion, with an eye for quality and aesthetics down to the smallest details. Joinery, constructions and technical challenges are carried out in collaboration with the right professionals. Our speciality is planting, so we always take care of that ourselves.
Finally, if required, we also take care of your garden maintenance. A certain regularity guarantees a garden in top form!