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is a project that celebrates the floral splendour, seasonal changes and wild beauty of nature with you.
Just as fruit and vegetables taste best when harvested locally and seasonally, flowers picked close to home and at their peak reflect a true connection to time and place. Nature does not deliver her harvest all at once - each season reproduces its specific beauty.
A CSA flower share is the most sustainable and fair way to fully enjoy all these real beauties!
You contribute to the social economy, you help to restore biodiversity, you support agro-ecological farming methods, you maintain green open spaces, you pay a fair price and you get high quality flowers that are really fresh and long lasting. A wide, seasonal range of form, colour and scent!
The flower season starts in May/June and ends in mid-October - depending on the first frost.
The field is located in the Rue du Bois in Jette. In the immediate vicinity of the Bois Du Laerbeek, the university hospital of Jette and the marshland of Jette-Ganshoren. Ideal for a day out in nature, a walk or a bike ride, with fresh flowers as icing on the cake!

INFORMATION MOMENTS (free access): Saturday 02/04 from 10am to 4pm

 Rue du Bois, 1090 Jette 
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