General terms and conditions BelAkker
(CSA CourJette and FleurAkker)  

Valid from 01.01.2022 
Atelier Groot Eiland vzw / BelAkker  
Address: Quai de Hainaut 29, 1080 Brussels   
Phone: 02 511 72 10 

Article 1. Application general terms and conditions 
With these general terms and conditions, BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) wants to communicate the essential information about the rights and obligations linked to a purchase. They are valid for all offers and agreements with BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) . As a customer, you accept these terms and conditions when you take out a subscription. 
When taking out a subscription with BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) , you need an account on the website of our online application called PLUK. 
Confirming the general terms and conditions and privacy policy online counts as an electronic signature and has the same legal value as a handwritten signature. 
Article 2. Composition of annual subscription 
The offer is compiled by BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) with vegetables (CSA) or flowers (Fleur Akker). The products are seasonal and come from own cultivation.  
Choosing for a subscription to BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) implies choosing for the basic idea: connecting consumers with the farmer who grows their food or flowers, and creating a mutual commitment. After all, FleurAkker is completely focused on direct sales. 
On the one hand, this focus gives us the opportunity to offer you fresh and diverse vegetables and/or flowers. On the other hand, it also makes us very dependent on the commitment of the customer to buy our vegetables and/or flowers. So we want to avoid surpluses and unsold vegetables and create a stable income for ourselves.  
Article 3. Personal Account 
When you enter into an agreement with BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker), as a customer you get an account on our online application PLUK. 
All personal data you provide on your personal account should be current and correct. 
After creating your personal account, you will be asked to accept the general terms and conditions in order to finalise your account. 
In your personal account you manage your: personal data, subscriptions and payments. 
Article 4. Subscription 
The term subscription includes the yearly access to BelAkker (CSA CourJette and/or FleurAkker) and gives you the possibility to harvest according to your own consumption.  
The payment of this subscription is done via the online platform PLUK, from which all messages and emails will originate. 
Article 5. Harvesting 
At BelAkker, CSA CourJette, harvesting is possible from January to December. At BelAkker - CSA FleurAkker, harvesting is possible from May to October. 
BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) provides a weekly list of crops to be harvested via PLUK.  
For questions, please contact BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) via  
As a new customer, you always have to register via the website at your first harvest to get acquainted. 

Article 6. Price and payment 
The prices of both the subscriptions and the products on the website include VAT, unless stated otherwise. You can always consult the current prices on our website 
Payment for subscriptions is always made via our online application PLUK. You will always receive an email to the email address you provided. 
If BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) does not receive payment from you for thirty days, it may stop the subscription without your permission.  
If BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) adjusts the prices of the subscription, you will be informed at least 30 days in advance so that you can end the agreement in case of objection. If you do not terminate your subscription and continue to use the products and services of BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker), you accept the new prices.  
 Article 7. Duration of the agreement and termination 
The agreement of a subscription is of fixed duration and always runs from the beginning of May until the end of April. 
You can only stop your subscription at the end of every harvest year. Your renewal will be subject to approval each year.  
Article 8. Complaints policy 
BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) does everything to deliver quality products, but if you have a complaint we would like to hear it by phone on the number 02 511 72 10 or by mail at We then try to find a settlement that you can agree with. 
Article 9. Legal right of withdrawal 
When purchasing non-perishable products in the case of distance selling or sales away from business premises, as a consumer you have the right to invoke your right of withdrawal within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product. This right of withdrawal does not apply to the delivery of goods that spoil quickly or have a limited shelf life, for example vegetables and flowers. As a rule, our subscriptions do not fall under this right of withdrawal.  
Article 10. Privacy 
For the management of subscriptions, BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) processes personal data of customers. You put your trust in BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker), it is our responsibility to protect your privacy and take care of the personal information you provide as a customer. To inform you about what happens to this data, BelAkker (CSA CourJette and FleurAkker) has a privacy statement. This can be consulted via the application PLUK.