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CourJette is Groot Eiland's self-picking farm located in the Laarbeek forest, a green oasis in the north of Brussels. Farmers Tom and Tine and their employees grow fresh organic vegetables there all year round. The farmers supervise people in social employment and follow the principles of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with the aim of building a strong and supportive community.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is agriculture borne by the community. It is a socio-economic model that brings farmers and 'eaters' closer together. The community supports the farmer with an annual subscription. In return, each member gets a share of the harvest, consisting of more than 60 different fresh, tasty and seasonal organic vegetables. Subscribers share in both the abundance and the risks.

CourJette is a picking farm where members harvest their own vegetables in close contact with other members and farmers. It is a beautiful place to unwind with play space for children. Everyone learns what ends up on our plates.

The field is open seven days a week, from sunrise to sunset. Members visit whenever they want. At the field, you will find all the information you need to harvest independently. At the reception desk, there is an information board with the current offer and location on the field. Flags and pictograms at the beds show you what, how much and how to harvest. Our newsletter keeps you updated on the offer, recipes and news from the field. Together, we organise harvest parties, events, member meetings and workshops.

For season 2023 we have reached the maximum number of members. Register now for season 2024!
Members commit to the whole season. This runs from the beginning of May to the end of April. The basic price is €412.5/year* per adult ages 18 and above. Children from 5 pay €20 x child age. Children in co-parenthood pay 50%. We ask that the whole family signs up.

*Our prices are indexed annually 

To give everyone access to fresh vegetables, we will work with a social price range from 2023. The first basic or target price is what we need on average to get out of costs: €412.5 per adult. There is 1 lower price for people who are struggling financially: €375. There is 1 higher price for people who can support this solidarity system: €450 per adult.
CSA is based on a solidarity principle and trust is always placed central here. There are no precise criteria to decide which price category you belong to. The social tariff is there to lower the threshold and facilitate access to quality food without stigmatising.  So it is up to everyone to decide for themselves whether their personal situation allows them to pay more or less. We assume that people who become members come to harvest regularly. Our cultivation plan and therefore our costs are calculated accordingly. For all three prices, the offer is the same: fresh organic seasonal vegetables year-round. 


Chemin des Moutons 1090 Jette 

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